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The Beverly Hills Scooter Club now offers day tours of the famous landmark sites of Los Angeles as well as the epic mountains roads and passes of Santa Monica and San Bernadino.

Guided tour rides are organized by expert riders and each tour is customized to suit every rider's desires and skill level.

Guided tour rides are available any day of the week and usually go for about 2 - 6 hours.

BHSC guides are also experts with a camera who are able to take awesome photos and video of you riding.

Contact us for more info and pricing ...and learn how you can get in on the next one.

Also, check out the
video blog page to see the kind of fun you'll have.
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Malibu Beach - Malibu, CA

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Deer Creek State Park - Ventura County, CA

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The Rock Store - Malibu, CA

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Newcomb's Ranch - Angeles Crest Hwy.
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Evergreen Café - Wrightwood, CA
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Angeles Crest Hwy. - Altitude 7000ft +

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Chinese Theater - Hollywood, CA

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Pink's Hotdogs - Hollywood, CA

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Beach Boardwalk - Venice, CA