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Ride... Portrait of a Flat Tracker

More Scooter Chasers...

Cold Canyon 2

Jumping across from Piuma to Mulholland heading North through Cold Canyon for a little sport riding...and a rear tire slip 2/3rds of the way.

Las Flores 2

From the coast - jumping up Las Flores Canyon over the Santa Monica Mountains.

Piuma Canyon 1 of 2

Sport-riding up the frontside of Piuma Canyon heading North-ish on a very dry and windy day.

Piuma Canyon 2 of 2

Down the backside of Piuma Canyon heading North-ish on a very dry and windy day.

Saturday at the Rock Store

Saturday at the Rock Store, checking out the bikes...

the Mulholland Snake

Saturday’s solo ride down the ‘Snake’ to the Rock Store.

Yerba Buena Road 1 of 2

A rough and winding road...full of twisties!

Yerba Buena Road 2 of 2

Mulholland Hwy West

Little Sycamore Canyon Road

Latigo Canyon 1 of 4

Riding Latigo Canyon in Malibu, CA North to South from Kanan Dume to Pacific Coast Hwy on a Sportcity Cube 250.

Latigo Canyon 2 of 4

Latigo Canyou 3 of 4

Latigo Canyon 4 of 4

Deer Creek Road

Riding solo up Deer Creek Road then onto Pacific View Road from Pacific Coast Hwy.

Cotharin Road

Continuing the ride from Deer Creek onto Cotharin Road, a few miles of beautiful scenery on a very narrow 2 lane.

Rock Store to Kanan Dume

Scootin' 'round Bev Hills at sunset...

Angeles Crest 1 of 3

Angeles Crest 2 of 3

Angeles Crest 3 of 3


Following Mr. K on his Ducatti ST3, breaking in a new set of Pirelli Angels.



Ascending Saddle Peak Road behind Mr. K while he breaks in a new set of Pirelli Angels.